Farmers get to know “Luminous Supplementation” in Novo Machado and Eugénio de Castro

The Field Day will be held this Thursday and Friday, the 25th and 26th, in Novo Machado and Eugênio de Castro, in Rio Grande do Sul, so that farmers in Rio Grande do Sul can verify the behavior of the off-season soybean crop under the conditions of the Irriluce Technology, which consists of Light Supplementation for the crop.

On the first day, it will be held at the property of producer Gerson Fitz, in Novo Machado, RS. He cultivates three different varieties of off-season soybeans for seed production by Costa Beber in an area of 16 hectares, where two pivots with light supplementation are installed.

On the second day, it will be at the property of producer Roberson de Lima, in Eugênio de Castro, RS, where the demonstration of seven different varieties of soybeans will be held, in which it will be possible to learn about the benefits of Irriluce Technology in the cultivation of off-season soybeans, in an area of 35 hectares, and how the varieties will adapt to the region.

This meeting is held in Rio Grande do Sul, to show how technology performs in different states of Brazil. In February, in Cascavel, Paraná, the Fienile Group recorded a harvest that exceeded averages in Paraná and Brazil, in which the average among all materials was 80.14, that is, 24.6% higher than the average recorded in the state, which according to the National Supply Company (CONAB), was 64.3 and 34.1% higher than the average recorded in Brazil of 59.76.  in the 22/23 harvest. “We are working to prove that the Irriluce Technology works and brings excellent results and many benefits, both to rural producers and to the end consumer, since we seek to produce more, with more quality, in the same space and with less impact on the environment, says the farmer and CEO of the Fienile Group, Gustavo Alexandre Grossi.

The Irriluce Technology consists of the combination of technologies with the use of LED modules coupled to the irrigation pivot to supplement light and create stimuli in the plants during the night and cloudy and rainy days, bringing numerous benefits, in addition to the pivot that does not irrigate water. The lights that illuminate the crop during the night promote a true spectacle and enchantment, but the producer who decides to invest is guided by the need for the agronomic, technical and scientific technological set for the success of Light Supplementation. All work is linked to a technological apparatus from the pivot to the use of water flow, nutrition and recovery of soil structure, management linked to technologies such as soil remineralizers, among others.

Press Officer Daniela Pereira

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